Dear Ms. Simon,

I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to your school. I really love your school and the many services it provides. I am just amazed at how much Jonathan has learned in such a short time; it has really exceeded my expectations. I love the fact that Jonathan is being exposed to so many different things and he seems to be enjoying all of it.

Sincerely, Michelle Plummer


When asked why we have chosen Julia’s school as the educational facility for our children, the answer is quite simple. It is without a doubt the best school in the GTA that is available to toddlers, pre-schoolers and grade schoolers.
This school lives up to its mission of creating a fun, enriched learning environment that honours and nurtures children’s minds, bodies and spirits as they explore and express themselves through their unique gifts and talents. Because of Julia’s school’s solid commitment to this mission, we have seen the benefits in our children’s academic, artistic, social and physical development.

Mr. & Mrs. Gaskin


There are no words to match my gratitude,
However much like Shakespeare I might write.
Above all else, you’ve shaped my attitude,
Nurturing me with discipline and light.
Knowledge is the least of what you’ve taught,
Yet that least at least prepared my head.
Out of your heart I’ve learned the things I ought,
Underscoring words you never said.



Hi, Ms. Julia Simon.

I just wanted to drop you a note to wish you a successful school year … Since 2002, your school has been instrumental in my children’s lives. It was there that they were introduced to so many life changing experiences and challenges. Your school truly is a great place to start the educational journey. Please keep in touch.



Dear Ms. Julia,

Thank you from the bottom of the Cup.

My coffee cup and I would like to thank you
For all the work you did for me.
For being there, caring
And for all your sharing,
You’re a step above the rest.
You are the best.

May, Jim & Annie


Dear Julia,

I want to thank you for everything you did for my son Jason. In your school, Jason learned great manners in addition to academic skills. He demonstrated an eagerness to learn and he thoroughly enjoyed all sports activities and field trips. I am recommending your school to any parents with pre-school and elementary age children. And I congratulate you for a job well done!

Haiyum Wang


I like [Julia’s school] because it teaches children about stuff that I am supposed to learn in 8th grade.
Alessandra, Grade 4 Student


I always learn new things at [Julia’s school]. I learned most of my talents here.

Makeba, Grade 6 Student