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Our Mission
Our Mission

Our goal at Alive Montessori & Private School is to provide the best possible start to our children through proper education, thereby instilling a life-long love of learning in every child. We aim to create a safe, caring and fun environment where every child will learn and will become more and more confident as he or she gains in abilities. Here you’ll find exceptional teachers, curriculum and learning environments that encourage children to learn, play and explore in a safe and nurturing environment.


Summer Camp

Summer program from July 4th to August 26, 2022
Summer program from July 4th to August 26, 2022

Every week has a different theme, please see Summer Camp Activities for full breakdown. With that being said, children will still have access to the Montessori materials and we apply the Montessori concepts in our activities. Water activities (sprinklers, water tools, swimming) is an essential part of all of the weeks, and the children spend a lot of their time outdoors.



What's great about it is that you can pick and choose your weeks and you do not have to commit to the full duration of the 8 weeks. Also, typically many of the children attending school at the moment stay for summer camp so it is wonderful that they can spend some more time together and have fun.

Events at Alive



Take a tour in person and be sure not to miss any of our upcoming sessions to learn more about our school, our programs and what makes learning at Alive Montessori School different.

Limited Spaces Available.


Please, RSVP on e-mail:alivemontessori@gmail.com



A better education. A better job. A better life.

How do you keep your child healthy during a pandemic? You’re worried he or she might become sick if you send him to school. But you know his development and mental health is suffering by staying at home and not being able to associate with other children.
We are committed to ensuring all safety Covid-19 measurements  are in place!
Come and discover why the Alive Montessori School is what you always hoped a school would be. We are dedicated, caring teachers creating an extremely healthy, clean, safe, family-like environment. Class sizes are very small with lots of individual programming and attention to each student.

We make learning come Alive!

Our Classes

We provide drama, music, salsa, piano classes with many workshops.


Balet & Salsa Classes

Cooking classes

Cooking Classes

Piano classs
Music Lessons

Music & Piano Lessons

Drama Play

Drama Classes



Children are encouraged to experiment, investigate, make wise choices, solve problems, and be self-reliant.


Basics of reading, writing and math to ensure that each child has a sound foundation on which to build his education. 


The student is expected to fully understand each curriculum step before moving on to the next item.


My son was attending Alive Montessori last year, I couldn't be happier. The staff was amazing. I highly recommend the school!!!
We miss you guys!


Cybile Gispan


I envy my kid for going to a school where he can enjoy learning as much as he does. When I was his age I was dreading going to school. He misses school in the weekends.


Catalin Burcea



My wife and I couldn’t be happier that our son goes to a school that provides a safe environment and learning is fun.



Gabriel Silva


Meet Our Team

A fully qualified and experienced international teaching team, with enthusiasm and devotion to early childhood education.


Ms Julia

Julia Simon


Anna Cosslovskaya


Raj Chawla

Quality Assurance

Alecsandra Maciel

Elementary Teacher

Katherine Figuerres

Elementary Teacher

Alina Ciuclan

Kindergarten Teacher

Ana Maria Beregic

Kindergarten & French Teacher

Kiranpreet Kaur

Preschool Teacher

Unnita Chatterjee

Preschool Teacher

Conception Barrocamo

Preschool Teacher

Olivera Andulajevic

Vice Principal

Vlada Popova

Music Teacher

Gayatri Dhanda

Administrative Assistant



Fun Activities



Happy Kids



Thankful Reviews



Professional Teachers

Frequently asked questions

Come and discover why the Alive Montessori School is what you always hoped a school would be.

1. What is the minimum age for admittance to Alive?

Our preshool program starts at 2.5 years old, although we accept children as 2 years old.  We run a full Montessori program from preschool through senior Kindergarten. From grade one, we still use many of the Montessori materials and principles, but also work with the Canadian curriculum to ease the transition if the child goes into the public system at some point. We also offer extra-curricular classes such as music, salsa and drama, which are included in the monthly tuition fee.

2. How long is a school day?
3. The Alive School’s COVID-19 Protocols & Procedures
4. Why Alive Montessori school?
5. Which documents are required to enroll?
Montessori Math

Contact Us

If you have any questions concerning the Kids Center - please contact our representatives using the information below.


416 602 1151
289 894 READ (7323)


2 Wembley Rd,

Toronto, M6C 2E9

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Alive Montessori School


Alive Montessori and Private School has been providing top-quality, Montessori education to preshool, kindergarthen and elementary children.

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Mon-Fri: 8:00 - 18:00
Sat - Sunday: closed

About Alive School

> Active learning

> Individual approach

> Cognitive development

> Play-based learning


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