“A better education. A better job. A better life.”

Welcome to Alive Montessori & Private School.

Alive School provides a complete and unique education, preparing each student for life in society.

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Mission Statement

At Alive Montessori & Private School our mission is based on the following premises:

• The word “educate” comes from Latin roots meaning “to lead out”. As such, we believe
that it is our duty as educators to bring out the innate skills and talents of the children in
our charge.
• Every child is a unique individual deserving of the best education possible.

• Every child has an innate desire to learn that must be cultivated, not blunted.

• Every child has his or her natural interests and strengths.

• Learning occurs at varying rates and every child learns at his or her own optimum pace.

• The Basics of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are vitally important as these still form the foundation for all future learning.

• The goal of education is to give every child the tools he or she will need to become self-reliant and successful in life.

• Education does not have to be a dreary and dull activity. Done properly, learning is fun.

Our goal at Alive Montessori & Private School is to provide the best possible start to our children through proper education, thereby instilling a life-long love of learning in every child. We aim to create a safe, caring and fun environment where every child will learn and will become more and more confident as he or she gains in abilities.

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*Please Note

Alive Montessori & Private School is not a religious school and accept children of all faiths, colours and creeds.